Silence – An Islamic Perspective

“Silence is gold” we are saying. In Islam silence is greater than gold. There’s a well-known saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the worth of conserving silent:

“Salat (prayer) is the primary pillar of Islam, nonetheless remaining silent is healthier.

Sadaqa (charity) will extinguish the anger of Allah, nonetheless remaining silent is healthier.

Sawm (fasting) is a protect towards the fireplace of hell, nonetheless remaining silent is healthier.

Jihad (holy struggle) occupies a excessive place within the deen of Allah, nonetheless remaining silent is healthier.”

The human experiences tranquility by lowering 4 of his innate habits: Socializing, consuming, sleeping and speaking a lot. Islam places a lot emphasis on controlling one’s tongue. Speech is without doubt one of the inlets to the non secular coronary heart. Usually ineffective speak is most of what we utter. It’s that which is alleged with little thought and fewer goal. Surprisingly even speaking about faith can fall into this class. Many Muslims speak about God and Islam with out correct information.

As for day by day’s conversations, they’re all about arguing, backbiting, debating, and mendacity. Such speech has no worth, or fairly bears unfavorable results for it brings nothing however distraction with the trivial.

Alternatively useful speech in keeping with Islamic teachings is no matter is healthful and constructive. Commenting on public life just isn’t thought of spiritually dangerous nonetheless solely when our lips are sealed concerning the odd that useful speech turns into illumined. Extreme speaking generally is a severe menace to 1’s soul. The tongue has a privilege that different organs of the physique don’t, and that’s to say Allah’s title and keep in mind Him audibly. The important remedy to extreme speaking in keeping with Students is thru fixed remembrance of Allah.

Now we have typically been taught to suppose earlier than we speak however this aptitude appears to have been misplaced by way of time. Whereas it might not be attainable to spend each second remembering Allah, it’s a part of the non secular coaching to try in the direction of conserving one’s tongue moist with dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah). After a lot remembrance with the tongue (some say it takes years), it turns into pure for some to be in fixed contemplation and remembrance of The One, Allah. Silence in Islam, is solely Salvation.

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