Rabbit Noises and What They Imply

Rabbits are primarily non-verbal and use physique language as their essential technique of communication, nevertheless, they do make a stunning variety of noises.


This may greatest be described as somewhat exhalation of breath and sounds a bit like a creaky door. The rabbit can be operating round rapidly, honking in time with its hops. Mostly made by unneutered males as an indication of courtship, often accompanied by circling of your toes or one other rabbit. Females can also make this sound as they run round and males might proceed to honk even after neutering.


This noise may be very like honking however is often made when the rabbit rolls on its aspect in contentment (the “bunnyflop”) or once you choose it up and are squeezing too tight round its tummy.


This sounds a bit like a automotive revving up and is often made by an unspayed feminine defending her territory. Usually the rabbit will lunge at you her entrance toes as she growls. This disappears or drastically reduces after spaying. Rabbits can also growl when scared or in ache.

Tooth grinding / purring

A mushy grinding of the tooth signifies pleasure, for instance when the rabbit is settling down for a nap on a full tummy or when you’re stroking your rabbit in a approach it enjoys. The rabbit’s jaws transfer barely backward and forward and the remainder of the rabbit’s physique language is peaceable i.e. ears in a relaxed place, eyes half closed.

Loud tooth grinding

It is a signal of ache and the rabbit will often be displaying different signs comparable to unwillingness to maneuver and lack of urge for food. Seek the advice of your vet asap.

Snorting / sneezing

When confronted with a scent they discover offensive, rabbits usually snort or exhale rapidly by way of their nostril, making a noise like “ffnuff”. A rabbit that’s sneezing incessantly and has a runny discharge from the nostril is sick and must see a vet asap.

Tummy rumbling

OK, so the rabbit just isn’t consciously making this noise however it is rather helpful as an proprietor to know the way your rabbit’s abdomen ought to sound. Put your head towards your rabbit’s aspect and hear – a wholesome abdomen must be ticking, gurgling and rumbling on a regular basis. If you cannot hear something and the rabbit has not been consuming, there’s a threat of intestine stasis so see a vet instantly.


Rabbits thump on the bottom with a again leg to warn different rabbits of hazard. The robust vibrations carry by way of the bottom even when the opposite rabbits can’t hear the noise. Thumping can be utilized by unneutered males as an indication of eager to mate. Home rabbits can also thump as an indication of annoyance or displeasure, for instance if the TV is just too loud or the vacuum cleaner is getting too near them.

Screaming / squealing

Let’s hope you by no means hear this sound. Rabbits scream when they’re within the grip of a predator and are terrified. Rabbits can also scream when in excessive ache, for instance when affected by VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Illness), shortly earlier than loss of life happens.

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