Masquerade Masks for Spectacle Wearers

The issue of carrying a masquerade masks for these which might be spectacle wearers has lengthy been an issue.

If you’re attending a masquerade ball you continue to need to participate in an important facet of the occasion, the carrying of a masks. Nevertheless discovering a masquerade masks that may match comfortably over glasses is a nightmare however there are just a few choices open to you.

The only method around the glasses challenge is to easily buy a masquerade masks on a stick. With this masks you merely maintain the masks in entrance of your face subsequently leaving your glasses completely unscathed. Any such masks additionally has the benefit of not messing up your coiffure, an excellent consideration for women which have spent money and time getting it good! Any masks may be added to a stick and most firms supply this feature which means that you’re not restricted to slim vary of masks.

Many masquerade goers don’t need to maintain a stick all night time or really feel stick masks shouldn’t be the identical as carrying a masquerade masks. That is the place the selection of masks will get very tough. Some retailers will declare that some masquerade masks may be worn over glasses however having been within the trade for six years I’ve nonetheless but to seek out one that’s completely comfy and secure in your glasses. If the glasses are small then you might get away with carrying a gentle unstructured masks. Nevertheless, even with these deliberate to get the masks to remain in place it’s important to safe it firmly across the head. In doing this you’ll push the glasses again into the face, not comfy or good for the glasses.

For my part the one wise choice if you happen to put on glasses and need to really put on a masks is to put on one with none construction to it in any respect. For males this can be a bandit model masks in gentle suede of for girls a softly draping lace masks as seen on quite a few catwalks lately. We at Venetian Masquerade Masks are in the intervening time taking a look at new designs to beat this drawback and hope to roll them out quickly.

The final choice and I believe it is a very ingenious thought it to color a masks onto your face utilizing face paints. I’ve seen some stunning designs utilizing a mirade of colors to create “masks” that rival any standard masks. As soon as painted, all you do is pop your glasses again on and your able to go.

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