Advantages of Debilitated Planets in Astrology

What are debilitated planets?

The planets are within the state of weak spot if occupying a particular signal and fail to advertise/defend the traits and specs dominated by them. Within the state of debilitation, the planets aren’t able to producing outcomes anticipated to them. For e.g. Moon is debilitated within the signal Scorpio, limit the attribute of Moon and the home ruled by the Moon.

The misunderstanding is that the debilitated planets at all times give the outcomes of miseries, delays, denial and losses. However the reality is that in some particular circumstances the debilitated planets give essentially the most fascinating outcomes as in comparison with different planets.

When the debilitated planets are helpful:

Neech-bhang raj yoga:

  • If the lord of debilitated signal is in its personal /exaltation signal, and positioned in quadrant/trine to ascendant/Moon signal, causes Neech-bhang raj yoga.
  • On this case the debilitated qualities of the planet will get cancelled and turn out to be raj yoga. The native will be capable to take pleasure in all good issues in his life as per high quality of such debilitated planet.
  • For e.g. if in a horoscope the Moon is in Scorpio, within the signal of its debilitation, however The Mars because the lord of Scorpio is within the indicators Aries/Scorpio/Capricorn and positioned in quadrant/trine from ascendant/Moon, cancelled the negativity of debilitation of Moon, and offers very beneficial and constructive outcomes of the Moon.

Vipareet raj yoga:

  • Lord of sixth/eighth/12th homes are posited in sixth/eighth/12th homes, make Vipareet raj yoga. This makes excessive class raj yoga, and might in a position to offering good and beneficial outcomes.
  • Any debilitated planet because the lord of inauspicious home like sixth/eighth/12th is positioned once more in an inauspicious home like sixth/eighth/12th offers benefice outcomes.
  • Because of this yoga an individual may have lengthy life, sound well being, rich, affluent and influencing persona.
  • For e.g. in Virgo Ascendant, if Saturn because the lord of fifth and sixth home is being posited in eighth home in its signal of debilitation [Aries], then the Saturn could trigger issues with progeny, training, and speculations, but it surely affords beneficial and constructive consequence and aid concerning illnesses, enemies, maternal uncles, money owed, staff, litigation, disputes and many others.
  • If the lord of eighth is positioned in 12th home the particular person illnesses can be destroyed, and he may need distinctive developed psychic powers.

Parivartan yoga:

  • Trade of indicators between two planets causes Parivartan yoga.
  • This yoga signifies speedy rise in life and the adversities of theses planets/homes flip into advantages particularly within the transition interval/sub durations of those two planets.
  • For e.g. in a horoscope although Moon [in sign Scorpio] and Mars [in sign Cancer] are of their debilitated indicators, offers good outcomes due to their inter alternate yoga.


  • In a horoscope the debilitation is relived by good and benefice side/transits.
  • The location of planets within the signal of its debilitation is just indicator of the power of the planet.
  • A debilitated planet can produce nice yoga in a horoscope, if it’s a pure purposeful constructive planet. For e.g. Venus positioned in eighth home within the Virgo signal can offers huge prosperity and splendid life to the native, moreover being within the signal of debilitation and sitting in an inauspicious home.
  • The beneficial or unfavourable outcomes produced by a debilitated planet usually lack the power and significance which is required to generate important outcomes, so they’re known as debilitated or WEAK. It ought to by no means be mistaken for the purposeful nature of the planet. Even a debilitated planet can provide glorious outcomes if it’s a purposeful benefice and constructive in nature and on different facet, an exalted, malefic and destructive planet can do 4 occasions extra injury than a traditional planet.
  • Main planets like Jupiter and Saturn stays in an indication for an extended time, as evaluate to different planets. Like Saturn stays within the signal Aries for nearly two and the half years. So we can’t choose the destiny of all natives born in these two and half years everywhere in the world, as destructive and unhealthy, because of the debilitation of the Saturn over this era.

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